About Ionic

Hello. My name is┬áTod Oace. I’m an Information Technology guy by day, and an amateur musician by night. My artist name is Ionic. I come from a musical family, and I deeply enjoy music. I love listening to it, and I love creating it. It often raises the hairs on my arms. I don’t know why that happens, but it is one of the best feelings I know.

I have produced two CDs for sale, but I haven’t sold very many of them. I continue to create new material, and it’s been piling up, and I’ve agonized over the best way is for me to share it. After very much thought I’ve decided to try slowly giving it away for free and see what happens.

All of the music I am posting on my site is free for personal use only. I hold the copyright. If you want to use my music for commercial use then please email me so we can talk about it.

Constructive feedback about my music, web site, and direction is most welcome. Enjoy!

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