Here is more of a peaceful and wistful piece, which I think is appropriate for my bittersweet Thanksgiving this year. I’ll definitely be enjoying time with family today, but my grandmother passed away last night. She was 96 and a great lady. Here’s to Ann-Mari Oace, to her life, and to all the good things past, present and future. Enjoy the good things in your life.

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Mind Mechanics

Here’s a piece I started eight years ago. I remember it was snowing, and the house was full of people and animals. And I needed some time away from people and animals.

The track was named (much later) by my wife. I hope you like it!

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Black Tie

Ready to put it on? It’s Black Tie, named by my wife. It reminded her of a dance she had seen as a child, with men, women and black ties.

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