Side by Side

My wife and I struggled with the name for this new tune of mine. She envisioned a figure walking along the backdrop of a city; influenced by it, but still maintaining its own identity. A collaboration, side by side. I can see myself in her interpretation.

Acoustically, I’m surprised at how far I can go with these high pass filters. It’s helping to open up the sound field, and makes the deep kick drum and bass synth really…kick…and I’m a fan of that. Sounds really good in my old Sony MDR-CDS70 headphones.

Thanks to my listeners, by the way, especially to everyone who has left me a comment or a “like”. I really appreciate the feedback!

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I mostly finished this energetic piece some years ago. I had forgotten about it until iTunes shuffled it into my ears while I was at work, and I thought this would be a nice piece to update and release. I added a cool robotic sort of vocal sound to the middle of the track. I started with the BluntObject Malström patch that comes with Reason and modified it — probably a lot (it’s so easy to do in Reason). There are eight stereo and two mono tracks on this song, and the name is by my wife. Enjoy!

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Time Unfolded

Here’s my first release for 2012. This one was challenging for me to mix because of all the droning type sounds I used in it. I definitely practiced use of the high and low pass filters and amplitude envelopes to gain clarity and reduce having different sounds wash each other out. I’m pretty happy with the result.

I had picked my own name out for this tune, and then my wife listened to it and announced Time Unfolded which I like better. She says that she sees moving images in her head when she listens to my music, and then she chooses a track title based on what she sees. I have no idea how that works. I don’t see anything when I listen to music. I guess I’m just a sound kind of person. (No jokes. 🙂 ).

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