A bit orchestral this one is with clarinet, violin, and… electronic bass pattern. 🙂 I think this piece may have been subconsciously for my grandfather. I started it on what would have been his birthday. Once I was pretty far into I realized that I was using a clarinet sound, and that he played clarinet back in his day. I think he’d like this piece. Maybe you will too!

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Get ready to go on a nine minute journey. The opening gradually morphs into a rhythmic pattern which is later joined by another sound that also morphs into pattern toward the end of the piece. Rhythmic, electronic, uplifting, contemplative. Enjoy!

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I think this is the fastest I’ve ever produced a piece — only 3.5 hours! And it feels ready to me. If I get ideas flooding in for it later then hopefully I’ll feel content to channel them into a new piece.

I suppose this piece is a bit dub-like (Reggae) with its slower pace, bass and echo effects. The feeling of the simple bass line in my head inspired me to start, and then I layered the drum and other sounds on top after that. Enjoy…

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