Big Shoes

Big shoes…dusty boots… Walking through dirt, past tumbleweeds and broken down structures. Walking forward, with confidence, and Big Shoes.

I’ve been taking on more responsibilities at work, and my wife thinks this piece may be a reflection of that. I never know what my songs are when I create them, but she’s probably right.

In this piece I continue to learn how to open up my sound, and the thunderish sound I found adds depth. I also learned how to use Reason “Blocks” and am using them for the time here in this piece. I kept pulling content out of my blocks so that I could vary them, but the blocks still seem like a great song structuring tool.

Download: AAC, MP3, OGG


Come explore dark patterns and spaces. There are plenty of beats on this piece (my favorite is in the second half), and I’m continuing to experiment with parallel tracks to widen and deepen the sound. Enjoy!

Download: AAC, MP3, OGG