Just in time for Halloween, it’s 1031! I’m nervous about this one. It’s the very first time I’m using my voice in my music. I used a harmonizer, and layered in my real voice. After the introduction there’s a wicked bass pattern, and drums are introduced later on.

My voice wavered a bit, but not too bad for a non-singer without pitch correction. The harmonizer on the other hand has a bunch of pitch correction going on and does some strange things, but I think the result plays well into the spooky holiday spirit. This tune is an important experiment in my musical development.

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Night Traveler

A little night traveling, starting underground, and then moving above ground.

I experimented with my Sure SM-57 microphone on this one. I started off thumping on my chest (as I often do around the house) for a few minutes, EQ’d that, added a bunch of reverb, and then… quantized it…without having recorded it with any metronome click. That formed the percussion that’s panned center. It also formed the ambient noise which was a by-product of having to turn the gain way up to pick up my chest thumps. Then came the bass guitar, drums and piano, followed by the forming of the song.

A synth sound came for the last third of the song and turned it kind of techno-y. I wanted to see if I could make the synth pulse with the bass drum like a lot of the popular dance music does, just to see if I could. Turns out it’s pretty easy in Reason (using a side chain). I like it more subtle though, and then helps keep it connected to the beginning. Happy travels!

Download: AAC, MP3, OGG