RainRain. Sometimes gentle, other times vigorous. Often perceived negatively, but it can be takenĀ as a peaceful, natural and cleansing force.

The picture on the right is of some lightning seen from our house in Oregon this past summer. (Click on it for a larger version.)

This piece features the thumb harp my grandmother gave me when I was a child. I used three different tracks of me just playing around on it, each fed through my trusty old Shure SM57 microphone, fed through a Cloudlifter and then into my MOTU UltraLitemk3 audio interface. The Cloudlifter really helps pull out the detail of the beautiful sounding harp along with some ambience of my music room. The rest of the sounds are all Propellerheads Reason virtual instruments. Enjoy the Rain!

Download: AAC, MP3, OGG